Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jessica Steinruck

Jessica is a junior this year at MCA, her major is sculpture. It is fitting that her internship is with a doctor at Silicon Ocular who specializes in making custom fitting prosthetics. For six hours a week her responsibilities include sculpting prosthetics, cleaning after the doctor has been sculpting, measuring out the silicon, running errands for the company, and much more. Her advice for people without an internship was short and to the point, "By far the best thing to do is not to feel like you have a chance at an internship, Just apply to as many as you can and try really hard to make the best impressions." The skills she has learned from her time at her internship include Mold making and prosthetics. One of the biggest things that Jessica can look forward too from her internship is a summer job at the clinic, she says she is excited for the opportunity and cannot wait to start getting paid for the things she does now.

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