Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Demo Reel Reviews

This first reel I am looking at is Derrick Sims Directer of Photo reel. I have followed this guys work and he actually taught me basic Film Production in high school. This demo reel runs a bit long and some of the shots toward the end have some weird distortion to them. I enjoy this reel because of how nice the shots are that he has chosen to included. I especially enjoy the "Come Morning" footage. The five or so minutes that we observe pass by quite fast in my opinion.

Salazar's video is breathtaking at a lot of points. This reel utilizes the rule of 10 and 12 quite well, never dipping in to an 8. I thoroughly enjoyed the pacing of the piece and found myself wanting more at the end. Overall I enjoy the use of the soundtrack for pacing, although I know it is not desirable to include that sort of editing when thinking about distribution and considering that lots of professional demo reviewers would kill the audio I still found it enjoyable even with the sound off.

Salazar Demo Reel from Salazar on Vimeo.

Erik Zimmerman's reel is probably one of my favorite professional Video Effects reels that I found. Erik is clear and concise on the parts of the work that he worked on. It is very clear to me during each shot what he contributed to the piece. Further more I thought it would be good to include a more "main" stream artist. He has done work for Michael Bay and worked on other largely commercial projects which is where I hope to get someday.

Erik Zimmermann's VFX Demo Reel from Erik Zimmermann on Vimeo.

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