Monday, March 26, 2012

My there internships!

The three main internships that I have focused on this semester are the American Cinema Editors internship, The Warner Brothers internship, and a Video Effects internship for a company called Artjail. I feel like editing is one of my stronger suits in life so the first internship is based solely on my thirst for all knowledge of editing. They have different sorts of Editing seminars and talks that I would love to work shop through. The Warner Brothers Internship I selected because I felt that at such a large studio it would be super hard not to make connections. I feel like social networking would be a big part of post-grad life so why not go big. Having Warner Brothers on my resume would make me look like a super fly guy. The Artjail position seem like a dream job. One of the main reasons I chose to research this company was that I know they have a red camera, to be trained with that camera would be like a million dreams come true for me. Not only that but VFX has been something that has really interested me in the last few months. I feel like if I can do my own visual effects that are not too flamboyant then I could pull them off for my own work. Not only that, but Artjail is centered in NYC which would be another great opportunity for social networking.

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